A little bit about me…

As a kid, I had a fairly traditional, conservative home. I’ve attended a Southern Baptist church for as long as I can possible remember. My parents loved me (still do!) and worked diligently to raise me knowing right from wrong. I had a lot of pictures in my head about how life was supposed to be. You know… go to college, meet a boy, get married, have babies, live happily ever after.

As I hit my early 20s, I started venturing out of the mold a little bit; and for a time, lived a lifestyle that wasn’t the most productive or God-honoring. By 27 , I was feeling quite disconnected from my Savior. Overall, I was just coasting along, not really progressing or growing in any area of my life.

At this point I met my soon-to-be husband- Brandon. A hybrid of a person like I’d never met. He struggled with life and was real, yet still said he loved Jesus. And to top it all off…..he was a worship pastor. Within a year, we were married.

God knew that we needed each other. He knew that He still wanted to use me for His kingdom, and that this plateaued girl wasn’t equipped to do that work. The next couple of years, God really stretched me, introduced me to new things, showed me my character defects, and loved me enough to help me change them. Then He called me to do things for Him that wouldn’t be possible without that work deep in my soul.

Now, He is just developing me into the wife, stepmom, ministry partner, and mentor that He would have me be.  More important than any of these roles He has placed me in, He is developing me as the redeemed daughter of the King that Jesus made possible for me!