Thanksgiving Leftover Hot Brown

“Do you have something planned for dinner?  Or should we stop and pick up something from the store?”  

Pretty typical question from my hubby, making sure that everything was covered for the evening. But I chuckled this time, because this wasn’t a typical day- it was the day after Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving we hosted. And that meant our fridge was crammed full of containers of leftover food. Do we have food in the house? That’s funny.

I’m a leftover lover, but even I wasn’t really excited about a repeat of last night’s dinner. But it seemed the financially wise decision, so I was going with it.

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Being Agatha: Sticking My Toe In The Theater World

You know that sudden urge to spring clean that you need to act on quickly or Netflix will distract? I recently had a similar impulse, but for something a bit more significant than a closet reorganization. This time it was an audition for a production at the local community theater. I’d tossed around the idea in the past, but never given it too much thought because of my work schedule and long commute.

But the email dropped into my inbox announcing open auditions, and I thought, ‘What the heck!’. I’d give it a try. I called my cousin who acts professionally, and asked her for some help with a prepared monologue. It was listed as optional, but I sure wasn’t going to show up unprepared!

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Special Spots

Do you have a spot? A special place that brings warmth to your heart and calms your soul? I have a few. That fun green chair that fits my butt just right at LaGrange Coffee Roasters. The view of the birds from my dining room window. The sun rising on my downtown Louisville work place’s old architecture.

It’s beauty and comfort that is consistently there. Even if I’ve been away from it for a while, it’s there waiting on me.

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Thirty Seven Years Strong: The Makings Of A Strong Marriage

“Happy 37th Anniversary My Only One, Janet!  37 years is far too short a time to spend together, so we’ll just keep going for ‘always’!”

This sweet Facebook post showed up on my scrolling recently, bringing a smile to my heart. In a world where divorce is increasingly more common and life long marriages few and far between, it always gives me hope to see such public declarations of love. Especially after 37 years.

But this particular one is more special to me because Janet is my mother, and the author of the post is Ray- my father.

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Quiet Summer Moments: Slowing Down In The Mundane

Summer. It’s the sound of freedom to students, as they look forward to pitching the books, jumping in the pool, and hanging with friends. To me, it’s just downright stressful. I don’t get a break from work, and all of the sudden schedules are all over the place.

I’m a routine based person, and all the changes summer bring throw me a curve ball- especially in our blended family situation. That ‘summer calendar meeting’ that we have with the girls’ mom stresses out my control loving heart so much. But I’m learning to stress less and enjoy the girls and all their adventures.

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