A Crazy Man and a Saving God, Part 2

I hope you were able to read through Psalm 34 this past week and find the comfort in the crazy David shared with us last week. If you didn’t get a chance to read last week’s article with some background, I’d encourage you to jump back and check that out.

As we dive a little bit deeper into the Psalm, some patterns emerge. Namely, a call to action on our part, and God’s response to that action. These things that David tells his readers to do are most likely the very things he had learned as he grew to understand God’s love and protection over his own life. With that background, I’d say taking a look at David’s imperatives might be a wise idea.

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A Crazy Man And A Saving God, Part 1

If you’ve read some of my past articles, you may recall what a revelation is was to me when the Holy Spirit forced me to camp out in a passage of Scripture way longer than I felt was necessary. It was as if I had a pace for reading that I felt was “acceptable”. But it turns out I miss a lot when I push that pace.

It’s like in basketball. Some of the biggest upsets come when the underdog team takes control of the pace of the game. They are able to take down their opponent by either speeding up or slowing down the pace, pushing the stronger team out of their comfort zone.

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A Lesson In Persistence From The Squeaker Toy

We recently added a fifth member to our little family- a doggie! Lyla Mae is a cute little Yorkie mix who came to us from a local shelter.

She was taken to the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about her, except what we’re learning along the way. She’s had some kind of training- potty training and a handful of commands. She’s not crazy about many treats, but loves some cheese and rawhides. One of her favorite household duties is helping pre-clean the dirty dishes as I put them in the dishwasher. And she does NOT like to be disturbed when she is snoozing, which is about 20 hours of her day.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Smart or Pointless?

We are quickly approaching that time of year.  That time when we get super ambitious and idealistic about the upcoming year, and then set unrealistic goals to match our misconceptions of ourselves and the year.

For a season, I just threw my hands in the air and said ‘screw it’. Why set goals when I had no anticipation of going through with them? Am I not being more real by just not setting any at all? Maybe so, but I don’t foster much personal growth.

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Bethlehem: Where Hopes Are Realized And Fears Relieved

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to lead the worship at church the past few weeks.  And we are in the full swing of Christmas music!  We’ve been singing everything from my favorite Sovereign Grace Christmas album to the classic carols proclaiming the Savior’s birth. 

When I’m leading, I like to get there pretty early to run through the music, make sure the keys are right, and just get a little bit more comfortable with the set before the band shows up to practice. I was doing just that this past week, when the Lord showed up and totally changed my Christmas season.

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