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    Here’s To Forty More!

    Today is a special day…my extra amazing hubby turns 40! As of today, I’m officially married to an old man, though you’d never know it. Even though he’s got a little gray in the beard (aka salt-and-pepper), he lives a vivacious and energetic life, full of passion and excitement. So today, I want to honor him by listing 40 things I love about him…in no particular order. 1. The way he challenges me to do the things I want to do even when I’m scared. 2. He’s a sucker for our sweet little girlie dog, Lyla. 3.       The way he senses that I need him even when I want to be…

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    What Glasses Do You Look Through?

    It’s no secret that we view life through a lens that is very specific to us. This lens is created by our family background, genetic makeup, socio-economic standing, education, and local culture. I’ve heard it said most simply, “All you know is what you know.”. Some of these lenses are good! As Christians, the Bible should be held in such esteem in our lives that we look at everything within the context of what Scripture has to say about it. The Bible is our standard of right and wrong in a world that has blurred the line between. But many times, we end up looking through that lens backwards. We…

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    So it’s been a while since I’ve used this outlet I love so much- writing to you guys. I recently found myself on a break that I didn’t know I needed. Sometimes God pulls some things out of you that you didn’t realize needed some work. Or maybe you did, but you didn’t realize exactly how much work was needed. This past year has been a learning season for me. And sometimes you have to stop and be quiet in order to learn. I’ll share more of this part of my journey at another time…promise. I’ve been itching to write again, but felt like I didn’t know where to start. I…