Here’s To Forty More!

Today is a special day…my extra amazing hubby turns 40! As of today, I’m officially married to an old man, though you’d never know it. Even though he’s got a little gray in the beard (aka salt-and-pepper), he lives a vivacious and energetic life, full of passion and excitement. So today, I want to honor him by listing 40 things I love about him…in no particular order.

1. The way he challenges me to do the things I want to do even when I’m scared.

2. He’s a sucker for our sweet little girlie dog, Lyla.

3.       The way he senses that I need him even when I want to be all independent.

4.       He mows a bomb yard.

5.       His amazing singing voice.

6. His passion for telling others about Jesus.

7.       His transparency in his struggles.

8.       The way he’s let God’s grace transform his life.

9. What a good dad he is, even when it’s hard and unconventional.

10. The way he uses old time words like ‘cupboard’ and ‘book bag’.

11.   His need for lamps instead of over head lighting.  

12.   What a good cook he is.

13.   His communication abilities.

14.   His work ethic.

15. His love of water and swimming pools.

16.   The decisiveness with which he leads our family.

17.   His sexy salt-and-pepper beard.

18. His obsession with the show ‘Naked and Afraid’.

19.   His karoke skills.

20. His ability to make quick decisions.

21. That he brings me flowers just because.

22.   His domination in family Nerf gun wars.

23.   How awkward he is talking about female stuff, all while being an awesome girl-dad.

24. His mad meat smoking skills.

25.   His willingness to roll with my ‘hippie-ish’ home projects.

26.   How he taught me to enjoy football.

27.   His boldness.

28. He’s a UK fan.

29.   That look when he realizes I haven’t seen a ‘classic’ movie.

30.   How generous of a gift giver he is.

31.   How he supports those struggling with addiction.

32.   His obsessive control of the thermostat.

33.   His always camera-ready smile.

34.   How he encourages me to slow down and relax.

35. How much he cares for all of our family.

36.   His passion for truth.

37.   How he wakes up from a nap trying to figure out where he is.

38.   His trip planning skills.

39.   His long eye lashes that any girl would kill to have.

40.   His love for Jesus

So here’s to you, Brandon. I hope that you have a fabulous birthday. I pray that the Lord watches over and protects you as you enter your 40’s, and that he continues to give you passion for the things that He is passionate about. I can’t wait to walk these ‘middle age’ years with you and see what all God is going to do through you. I love you!

Your thoughts?